ip20: Innovative products –
every 20 mm a new possibility.

Our products are based on the 20mm grid in width, height and depth since 1974. Through this, solutions are easily modified and the individual possibilities multiplied. Continous improvement and innovation combatible to existing parts. Others have changed their concept and tried to follow trends, we improved the system ip20: now it is the brand ip20.

Classical design – identifiable products.

A design concept – valuable and true, straight and timeless, with precise joints and intentional details. A meaningful combination of form, function and worth. A furnishing from the same mold for all kinds of rooms.

Sustainability – furnishings for generations.

Built according to used materials, so the fittings will last; timeless in form and color, so the furniture will not look old-fashioned; adaptable for changed requirements; materials from sustainable management. Usable until a new tree has grown.

Products for all walks of life – for all rooms and requirements.

The ip20 idea forms the base for furnishings of all kinds. Additionally, we provide special solutions and additions, experience, knowledge and especially chosen ip20 expert partners for special requirements. All this, so your ip20 furnishing can be used everywhere.

Since 1974 – the company with the white furniture.

We prefer white, as it reflects all other colors used in the room. White forms the background for   the surrounding colors. Other colors go out of fashion, but white remains timeless, being in usage as long as our products. But in spite of this, even we use different colors in the right circumstances.