the concept forms.

The sensible solution is the result of a sophisticated planning made by our interior designers. Based on the requirements, pictures and ideas provided in the consultation, often including an on-site measuring an exact planning and estimate is generated. Further talks allow for last corrections, followed by order-placement.

  • On-Site Measuring

    In individual cases no on-site measurement is needed, especially for installations an exact on-site measurement is vitally important. Give us an opportunity and time for this, so we can build furnishings which fit – the architects measurements often do not match, the floor slopes or similar …

  • Division of room

    We do not look solely at the booth which the architect provided for a cabinet. Rather, we take the whole rooms layout and look for alternate ways of using available space. This sometimes allows for astonishing ways of finding more space – whith more storage to boot.

  • Drawing and offering

    The final planning makes our solution visible. Plans with 3D-Overview, with front views and all-aroung layout are a demonstration and clarification of our solution. Additionally a written offer defines exact costs.

  • Offer consultations

    The final talk clarifies, gives an opportunity for corrections and unifies demand and solution. After the orders placement and approval of delivery dates the implementation starts with production, delivery and assembly.