Living and working with zeal
in motivating and representative surroundings.

Your ip20 partner for home, office and health furnishings in Nuremburg

We plan and install with long experience and in-depth knowledge. With you we create individual furnishings. We create a request-fitting furnishing concept, for home, office or practice. In case you have specific thoughts – we will listen and implement them, unique, ageless and economic. With 3D-planning, which shows the later room layout, with advice, on-site measuring and skilled installers for „masterly results“.

1978: The beginning in Nuremburg

A long time for us and our product to evolve. Today we are a competent companion for our customers – at home or at work. Our customers return for business, for example the small chancery which bought its first ip20 furnishing 25 years ago and expanded into a big chancery all the while keeping the ip20 furnishing which got added to and expanded.

Our customers recommend us and are apparently content with us and our product. We enjoy meeting new people and finding new ip20 solutions for them. And of course we are proud to show the finishied product.

2013: a new location

On August the 1st we relocated. The interior is not finished yet, but please come and visit us anyway.


Waldhoff Einrichtungssysteme

Nordring 26
90408 Nürnberg
Phone: +49 (0) 911 / 656 777 0
Fax: +49 (0) 911 / 656 777 88

Business hours

Mon. – Fri. 10.00 – 18.00
Sat. 11.00 – 15.00
or by appointment.


Examples / credentials

Here we show a few examples of our individualized furnishings. Just ask and we can provide many more.

  • Einbauschrank Dachschräge ip20 Nürnberg
  • Kleiderschrank Dachschräge ip20 Nürnberg 2
  • Begehbarer Kleiderschrank Dachschräge ip20 Nürnberg 2
  • Praxiseinrichtung ip20 Nürnberg 4
  • Arztpraxiseinrichtung ip20 Nürnberg 5
  • Büroeinrichtung ip20 Nürnberg 6
  • Einrichtung Büroarbeitsplatz ip20 Nürnberg 7
  • individuelle Praxiseinrichtung ip20 Nürnberg 8
  • Einrichtung Kinderarztpraxis ip20 Nürnberg 9
  • Begehbarer Kleiderschrank ip20 Nürnberg 10
  • Begehbarer Kleiderschrank ip20 Nürnberg 10
  • Dachschräge Büro ip20 Nürnberg 12
  • Raumteiler Büro ip20 Nürnberg 13
  • Einrichtung Arztpraxis ip20 Nürnberg 14
  • Arbeitszimmer Zuhause ip20 Nürnberg 15
  • Dachschräge Büro ip20 Nürnberg 16
  • Einrichtung Dachschräge ip20 Nürnberg 17
  • verschiebbare Bücherregale ip20 Nürnberg 19


We are finished.

All those files.

Even more than we think. It will take some time until everything is at its place again.