ip20 in Frankfurt am Main.
Your partner for health, office and home.

„Just give Hans Knaus a call, he always has good ideas“.

Some people say that I am a resourceful person, which delights me. In concert with my customers I design and plan the furnishing, from handdrawn to 3D-Drawing. Meant for home, office or practice, small or large – there are many achievements to be experienced for me and my customers. The short delivery times are another plus.

With ip20 since 1981.

I have enough experience. My team of skilled carpenters installs the perfect furnishing right on schedule. At the installations start and its finalization I am on site to ensure my customers are content with their new ip20 furnishing. I also coordinate with other crafts like painters, electricians and the like. Along the lines of : „You go on holiday, I go and finish this.“


Hans Knaus Systemmöbel GmbH
Im Ranzeneck 1
63454 Hanau-Mittelbuchen

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ip20 Frankfurt Hanau

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Here we show a few examples of our individualized furnishings. Just ask and we can provide many more.