Office furniture for copiers, computers, printers.
Where to put the technical equipment? Closeby, but out of the way.

Copying machine, PC, printer – all important parts of our professional life. But how to resolve the problems caused, like equipment being in the way, or the health and safety requirements like noise or fine particle pollution? With ip20 office furnishings.

Print and
copy area.

Technikschrank im Backoffice

A cabinet with connection to a fine particle extractor, also available with sound dampening. For healthy and undisturbed working.

Sideboard for
peripheral equipment.


Storage and working space made to measure, size-optimized for the smallest available room. Maximum flexibility and hidden cable ducts included.

Cabinets for network devices.

Technikschrank mit Falttür

Folding door cabinets, which open to a width of up to 240 cm. Room for technical equipment, as shown with an A0 printer.

ip20 offers solutions for all office areas: