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Partition, room dividers and shelves made ​​to measure.
Separation or lucency – fixed or movable.

Todays offices have to be open and wide, provide light and clear view. ip20s answer are fixed full-glass partition walls or movable sliding doors , if needed with blinds through adhesive foils or frosted glass in combination with our cabinets. We create space.

Creating rooms with partition walls.

Raumtrennung Trennwand

An ip20 partition wall with shadow gaps, built from aluminium glas frames mounted on stud frames, single or double glassed.

Full glass partition walls brighten a room.

Raumtrennung Trennwand

The ip20 full glass partition wall with room-high door frame and wooden door.

You need a full glass wall with visual protection?

Raumtrennung Trennwand

With adhesive foils we can create blinds at just the right places without darkening – with  matted stripes, your company signet, whatever you want.

ip20 offers solutions for all office areas: