From standing counter to staff canteen.
Being host for customers and staff – more than a cup of coffee.

The central standing counter is a popular gathering point, the coffee kitchen is hidden behind sliding doors, the open kitchen is used for preparing snacks – hosting customers and staff is more than work break and refreshment, but improves communication and team spirit. We lay the foundation.

There is room – even for a kitchenette in a cabinet.

ip20 Küche

A niche with sloping walls – within a fully functional kitchenette making a fair impression. Even with opened sliding doors.

From high table to staff canteen.


Tables which can be easily arranged differently – or stacked if the room is needed for another purpose.

Please help yourself!

Pantry Einrichtung

The coffee station – meeting point for recreation and relaxed talks. Easily movable and in similar design as the remainder of the furnishing.

ip20 offers solutions for all office areas: