Conference furniture and chairs:
Undisturbed meetings – because problems are solved in talks.

Conference, seminar or plain meeting room, lounge or standing table – prolific dialogues and innovative ideas form when people come together. So, the right room at the right place is needed, with the needed access to audio visual equipment. And when less available space needs more ideas for solutions we are even better.

Conference tables
for every room.

Besprechungstisch im Konferenzraum

An ip20 conference table can be adapted in size and shape according to the room and desired attendance. Rectangular, circular or oval, made to measure with technical equipment needed for successful conferences.

Variable rooms for all kinds of conferences.

Raumtrennung Trennwand

A sliding wall which can be opened fully to make room for more participants. Glass fillings which allow for more light but are made opaque in seat-height through adhesive foils.

No more crawling below the desk.

Arbeitsplatz mit Schreibtisch

We bring electrical sockets and network connections to the top. The top of the desk, that is, so that Laptop, tablets and other equipment can be connected easily. The necessary cable ducts are below the desk.

ip20 offers solutions for all office areas: