Desks, office- and filing-cabinets.
Focused working - while feeling comfortable.

An effective office furnishing has to prevent needless and disturbing things from reducing effective work-time. It should not hinder communications. Additionally a pleasant atmosphere increases contendness and loyality. Many demands, whose solution need experience and ideas, fitting products and time. We ncern ourselves with these factors – for life.

Single workdesks
for increased flexibility.


Wether standardized or made to measure, the local situation dictates ip20s solution. Every 20 mm a new possibility.

Group desks
for bigger teams.


A variable arrangement for 4-6 persons. 4 permanent employees, in between auxiliary places for trainees, apprentices or visitors.

Convenient details for individual demands.

Arbeitsplatz mit Schreibtisch

For example a lateral printer desk which gets the printer of the main desk but puts the paper output on the desks working height. Ip20 provides practical solutions which faciliate work and bring economical results.

ip20 offers solutions for all office areas: