Our customers –
for life.

We are known by our customers. We believe in inspirations and ideas gained in talks, gathering demands, rooming situations and further wishes – in accompanying our customers after finishing his furnishings. Because furnishing is, in a way, living and not only a sequence of single furnishings.


Our customers expect good consultancy – concentrated listening and close attention, exchange of ideas and accurate noting of requirements, information about available possibilities and feasible alternatives. Often there is more than one solution, and we help in finding the best one.


Our customers expect bases for decision-making: a room layout including the planned furnishings, angled views for better overview, an offer sheet with descriptions and prices, a final explanation and consultation. The correct proposal for the right decision.



Installation supervision

Our customers demand full-service. We produce and install, assume responsibility for coordination with other crafts, provide quick solutions  for unpredictable events, adapt to subsequent demands – we supervise, help and organize.




Our customer wants to enjoy his new furnishing, wants it to be beautiful and have a positive effect, needs it to adapt to new demands. We and our after-sales service are always ready to advise and help. We want our customers to feel well serviced – for life.