Product lines for an
unique overall concept.

For ease of reference we have grouped the limitless possibilities offered by ip20 into product lines. All products are compatible both optically and technically, in form and color, material and dimensions. Your local expert partner provides additional and complementary products of well-known suppliers – office chairs, seating, lighting.

ip20 cubus.
Cabinets + Shelves.

Büroeinrichtung von ip20

It started with a patented idea: a new possibility for individual planning and variable usage every 20 mm. Cabinets and shelves, stand-alone furniture and made-to-measure shelf units; modular construction allowing alteration anytime.

ip20 space.
Sliding doors.


Sliding doors can be partitions, doorway or cabinet face; running on a floor-rail, running affixed to the celing or on the wall. With frame and infill or frameless in a large-scale panel-look.

ip20 opendesk.

Esszimmertisch mit Bank

Desks with a width of up to 240 cm, stable without a bothersome frame. Individually shaped, on round or square legs, with side walls or on top of floor cupboards. Desks for individual face panels, electrics or DP-related devices.

ip20 guard.

Raumtrennung Trennwand

Movable partitions providing for changed requirements: glass walls, partition walls and more. To improve on acoustics, as sound dampening between rooms and corridors, as posterboards and much more.

ip20 welcome.
Reception desk.

Ip20 Praxiseinrichtung Empfang Tresen Theke 033 S

Reception Desk and counter, rounded or rectangular, variable in dimension and design, according to effect and usage. As reception, front desk, sales counter, meeting point, coffee bar – everywhere people meet.

ip20 dressglider.
Mobile clothes storage.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass Kleiderrraum Dressglider 001 S

ip20 dressglider® as sliding clothes rail or ip20 dressfix as fixed clothes rail. Always independet from the cabinet, affixed to celing or sloping roof. In front of a shelf or to its back, or even multiple times consecutively. It provides up to 50% more space!

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