To serve the customer –
for life.

One part of ip20 is a reliable after-sales service. As our products have to be installed and sometimes need exact fitting, we have expert technicians. As our products are long-lasting, additions and conversions happen. We give guarantees, but sometimes damaged parts have to be replaced. We will visit you and renew when needed.


Furnishings need to be delivered, installed, aligned and sometimes fitted. For this, we employ trained joiners, expert whith the needed tools. Of course we are punctual and friendly, accurate and reliable.



Availability guarantee

We guarantee the deliverability of white wooden parts and give realistic alternatives for all other colors and fittings. This enables our after-sales service to make your furnishing functianl after moving, changing or wear and tear.



Performance guarantee

Our products are manufactured in high quality nand have a long life of installation. This amounts to us giving a performance guarantee of five years. In case of any functionality complaints our after-sales service will replace those parts as soon as possible.