Kitchen and bath –
useful and distinct.

Where others only have standard solutions ip20 provides custom solutions. If the room is extraordinary; if the special idea is to be realized; if the design of other rooms has to be continued – call ip20.

Open kitchen: meeting point and kitchen island.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass K  Che K  Chenm  Bel 015 S

Custom-made in form and function. One-of-a-kind, providing contentment and enthusiasm.

Storage space: finally
room enough.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass K  Che K  Chenschrank Schublade 002 S

The kitchen is for cooking, not for searching. Our cutlery trays have a space for everything.

Space in the bath –
challenging but solvable.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass Badezimmer Badezimmerschrank Spiegel 001 S

It is astonishing what’s cluttering the bathroom and needs tob e put away.

ip20 offers solutions for all living areas: