Creating new rooms –
gaining new room.

If behind sliding or folding doors – our new dressglider gives more room for your wardrobe. A walk-in wardrobe allows a whole new room layout. We see the whole room and have intelligent solutions. Space up your room, more room for you.

Illuminated shelves for keeping track.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass Kleiderrraum Lichtboden 002 S

Illuminated shelves provide light for finding the days clothing when dressing in the morning.

Everything in view.
Everything hidden.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass Kleiderrraum Schubladen 002 S

Orderliness and overview through our drawers – number, size and configuration made to order.

Dressglider –
the sliding rod for clothes.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass Kleiderrraum Dressglider 001 S

The idea is simple: moving the wardrobe. The solution was decorated as the red dot award winner 2008.

ip20 offers solutions for all living areas: