For small and large sleepers.
If more space is needed.

The child is growing up. The childrens room needs to be remodeled, the style changed from children to teenager. The bed has to be moved into or on top of a cabinet, so a desk can be added. And when the children moves out the room is turned into a guest room. ip20 is changeable, ip20 grows – for a lifetime.

Bedding box.
For bedding and more.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass Kinderzimmer Bett Bettkasten 002 S

Putting the bed higher, so space for bedding, toys and more is created below it.

Loft bed on top of
a bookshelf.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass Kinderzimmer Hochbett Regal 001 S

When the bed is needed no more, the bookshelf remains.

Folding bed in a cabinet?
A solution for your guests.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass Schrankbett Klappbett 009 S

Multiple use room. Living room by day, sleeping room by night.

ip20 offers solutions for all living areas: