First impressions count.

The entrances design is dictated by necessities: You need stowage and room for wardrobe, keys, shoes and bags. But there is a scope for design. For example a built-in closet with ceiling-high doors radiates calmness while offering room. An imposing mirror lets the room appear more spacious and brighter – and the first impression is right!

Sliding doors.


Sliding doors may create walk-in spaces, and take up less space in narrow hallways – while looking good!

More room!

Kleiderschrank Detail

Shoes tend to increase in numbers by themselves. We have the clean and space-saving solution. In a row or stacked.

Clothes lift.
Always in reach.

Kleiderschrank Detail

If the room is higher the clothes lift allows for reasonable usage of the upper shelves. Just pull it down!

ip20 offers solutions for all living areas:

ip20: innovative products – a new possibility every 20 mm.

Shown as examples are built-in closets as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, bag cabinets and broom cabinets, mirrored walls, built-in shelves, accessory compartments and  phone shelves. Unlimited possibilities through ip20’s innovative products.