The attic –
made to measure below sloping roofs.

The roofs pitch is integrated into our cabinet, transforming an otherwise lost or hard-to-reach space into usable space. No matter how high the roof ridge we build up to it – while hiding the needed ladder behind the lateral revetment.

Perfect fit in
lateral slopes.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass Schrank Dachschr  Ge Seitlich 014 S

Hinge doors should not strike against the slope, sliding doors are not viable everywhere. We take the measurements – and it will fit.

Fills the attic:
even in back slopes.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass Schrank Dachschr  Ge Hinten 002 S

Easier than lateral slopes, although the cabinets usage is limited.

Doubled usability made possible: the dressglider.

Ip20 Einrichtung Nach Mass Kleiderschrank Kleiderrraum Dachschr  Ge Schiebet  R Space Dressglider 017 S

Fully utilizing the back slope: the dressglider in front of, o ras shown, behind a shelf.

ip20 offers solutions for all living areas: