The back office – made to measure.
Administration behind the scenes.

The administrative needs get higher and need more space.  A whole room for itslef or a multi-purpose room – we know how to help with the right workflow and the filing of patients data. The principle applies here too: furnishing in the same design.

Overhead space at the reception.

Ip20 Praxiseinrichtung Empfang Tresen Theke Rund 016 S

The reception counter seen from behind – room for forms and files in reach. Even more room above in further cabinets. Space up your room!

Light and

Ip20 Praxiseinrichtung Funktion Labor Schreibtisch 017 S

Hidden lighting below the wall units, linoleum covered work desks for comfortable working. We have the solution to your requests.

Sliding rather
than revolving.

Ip20 Buero Schrank Schiebetuer Space 009 S

Sliding doors take up less space. Revolving doors need more room, as they protude into the corridor. We now about government regulations and plan accordingly.

ip20 offers solutions for all areas: